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Internship Purpose:

The aim of the internship is to provide the students with the experience and skills to implement the theoretical and practical knowledge they have acquired during the learning process. Through the internship, it is aimed that the students get to know the occupational fields, comprehend the relations with other occupational groups, learn the legal and managerial dimension related to the subject, gain the design and application practice, gain the knowledge and experience related to the design and application process of the graduation stage and gain experience on the subjects that are desired to specialize. 

Please click on the link for the places where the students of Physics Department do their internship.

Course Content:

The student has to do internship for at least 21 working days.

Internship Documents

The documents required during the internship and management of the internship are as follows and these form samples are announced in the Department Internship Board every semester.

1.Student Identification Information Form and SSI Commitment Certificate
2.Internship Approval Form  showing that the institution where the internship will be held accepts the student
3.Form to be given to the Dean's Office to ensure the student's insurance
4.Dean's Office Internship Place Acceptance Form, Internship Reference Form
5.Including the section / program requirements specified in the internship guide, which will be completed by the student and approved to the workplace and together with the breakdown of the studies; Sample Internship Book ”page examples

Works to be done during the internship

 During the internship, the Internship Book must be filled in accordance with the following rules;

a) The first page of the internship book shows the general schedule of the work to be performed according to the weeks. This page must be approved by the relevant department responsible and the internship manager of the enterprise.

b) The pages of the book are filled every day as a breakdown of the work carried out for days and approved by the responsible manager controlling the work at the weekend.

c) The number of pages of the internship book cannot be less than the number of days of the internship.

d) Internship book can be written in English or in Turkish (assuming that the internship authorities may not know English).

At the end of the internship

a) The student completing the internship completes the internship book and the secretary of the company official who is successful and submits the envelope to the commission.

b) The contents of the notebook should reflect the work of the student. Drawings must be drawn in accordance with the technical drawing rules in the internship book. The contents of the notebook should reflect the knowledge and skills gained by the student. The student should indicate in the notebook the information acquired during the training period and the practical practical skills gained.

c) Internship Student Evaluation Form is delivered in a filled and approved form and in a sealed envelope bearing the work stamp.