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BASICC (Building Alternative Skills to Implement Creativities and Commons) EU Project:

“BASICC- Building Alternative Skills to implement Creativities and Commons” Project, having Yeditepe University as one of its partners, is entitled receive funding from European Union within the framework of Erasmus+ Alliances for Innovation for the duration of 24 months.

The Project aims to reflect on cities and their communities and to develop alternative and creative alternatives for non-governmental organizations and educators working in the city.

Yeditepe University will carry out this project together with 2 universities from France (Ecole des Hautes en Santé Publique and Gustave Eifffel University) and 14 non-governmental organizations from France, Italy, Germany and Latvia.

We congratulate the Yeditepe project team by Prof. Dr. Demet Lüküslu, Assist. Prof. Dr. Banu Koçer Reisman and Assist. Prof. Dr. Barış Gençer Baykan for their involvement in Alliances for Innovation Program in which only 3 universities involved from Turkey in 2023.

Examination of Some Geometric Properties of Orlicz Spaces According to s-norms:

Esra Başar, one of our Mathematics Department Research Assistants, is a researcher of the TUBITAK 1001 project entitled "Investigation of Some Geometric Properties of Orlicz Spaces According to s-norms", led by Serap Öztop Kaptanoğlu from Istanbul University Department of Mathematics, Department of Analysis and Functions Theory. The project aims to examine the geometry of Orlicz spaces, whose elements are defined in a measurement space, through s norms, which are newly defined and comprehensive in the literature, and to obtain the relationships between these geometric features. What is aimed to be achieved in the project will also form the basis for examining different geometric structures of Orlicz spaces according to s-norms, about which little is known.


OUYE Erasmus+ Project:

The Erasmus+ Strategic Partnership in higher education project entitled “Opening Universities for Young people in Europe-OUYE”, in which our university is one of the partner institutions, was supported by the French National Agency.

The researchers of the project were Prof. Demet Lüküslü, the Head of the Sociology Department in Faculty of Arts and Sciences who was the project manager and Dr. Banu Koçer Reisman who was a researcher of the project. Sociology Department’s undergraduate and graduate students also played an active role in the project. University of Rennes in France was the coordinating institution, and Manchester Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom and Humak University in Finland were the other partner institutions of OUYE project. Six non - governmental organizations from across Europe were also included as partners.

The project- which started in 2021 and successfully ended in August 2023- aimed to: include disadvantaged young people in university life, strengthen their ties with the University, reflect upon formal and informal education, explore new ways of participation in cooperation with young people and non-governmental organizations.

We would like to congratulate Prof. Demet Lüküslü and the project team.