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Central to our faculty's vision is to produce intellectually well-equipped graduates who can connect theory and practice, are able to develop critical and inclusive perspectives on a diversity of issues, respect and embrace different cultural values, and are thoroughly concerned with the future of humanities and the world at large. Therefore, our aim is to provide our students with the necessary background for developing themselves so as to become citizens of the world, academically productive, with a strong historical awareness of the present times, but also alert to the possibilities of the future.

Accordingly, we offer various international exchange programs, double major and minor degree options, along with a wide range of electives that sustain and promote thoroughly interdisciplinary approaches. Apart from alternative internships and the possibility of involvement in various projects, we help shape our best candidates' further academic pathways via our graduate programs. Our experienced, innovative, nationally and internationally well-known academics, together with their younger and dynamic colleagues work side by side with a well-qualified administrative staff towards maintaining constant interaction and communication with all our student candidates, actual students and graduates.

Prof. Berrin YANIKKAYA