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The Research Fields of the Faculty Member

Professor Mehmet Bayraktar

History of Philosophy, Islamic Philosophy, History of Science, Philosophy of Science

Associate Professor Egemen Yılgür

Urban poverty, Urban History, Urban Anthropology, Urban Sociology, Political Anthropology, Labour History, Peripatetics and late-Peripatetics, Romani Studies, Hunter-Gatherers, Urbanisation and Urban Poverty in the Late-Ottoman Empire.

Assistant Professor Alexander Wasse

Neolithic and Chalcolithic of the Levant, Cyprus, Anatolia, Mesopotamia and Arabia; Prehistory of the Black Desert, Jordan; Pastoralism in the archaeological record; Ethnoarchaeology of nomadic / mobile societies; Archaeology of animals and birds; Human responses to climatic and environmental change; Prehistoric art and rock art

Assistant Professor Ayşe Hilal Tuztaş Horzumlu

Anthropology of Mobility, Nomadism, Visual Anthropology, Rural Anthropology, Urban Anthropology

Assistant Professor Ferzan Durul

The Anthropology of Human Rights, The Philosophical Basis of Human Rights, Historical Basis of Human Rights, Philosophical Anthropology, Ethnographic Research Methods, Educational Anthropology (Human Rights Education), Humanities, East and South-East Anatolia Field Studies, The Study of Indigenous Communities in Kanawaki Region in Canada: Mohawk

Assistant Professor Gözde Dalan (Visiting Scholar)

Cultural Anthropology, Medical Anthropology, Communication Theories, Research Methods, Media Studies

Assistant Professor Kiraz Huri Özdoğan (Visiting Scholar)

Ecology, Ethnicity, Animal and Plant Studies

Assistant Professor Melih Görgün (Visiting Scholar)

International Economy Politics, Migration and the History of Migration, Diplomacy