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Our annual student symposium, “Meeting in Literature” will be held this year between 29-30 April, 2020 with the title of “Meeting in Literature XI – Music in Our Literature”

We aim to create a bridge between the undergraduate and graduate students of Turkish Language and Literature students of various institutions with this event.

Abstract Topics;

We think the example appropriate abstracts include the following, but not limited to;

Music in literary texts as a theme and topic

Theoretical works on the relationship between music and literature

Musicality and rhythm in poetry

The place of musical instruments in literature

The musical tradition in classical literature

The place of Music in folk literature in oral culture, the tradition of “âşık” (bards)

The relationship between music and literature in the context of the clash between east and west

The relationship between popular music and literature


*The medium of symposium is Turkish.
* Abstract submission deadline is 20th March, 2020. (Maximum 200 words, 12 points, in Times New Roman font and added to the form provided below, sent to the provided e-mail address).
*Accepted submissions will be notified during the first week of April.
*The complete text of the accepted abstracts should be sent by 17th April, 2020 at the latest..

Applications and Contact:
Nilay Karakoç-- nilay.karakoc@yeditepe.edu.tr
0216 578 00 00 (3065)