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The exam will be done in 2 parts, Part A and Part B, on the "coadsysexam" and "G Meet" (cameras open)! In the exam, you will NOT be allowed to move back on the screen and to change/to give answer to previous questions! After you complete each exam part, please take snapshots of your screen which shows your submission and just keep it in case of any trouble! If you do not/cannot open your G Meet cameras, you will also be responsible for additional oral exam! Do your own work please! Cheating or soliciting improper help will result in serious undesireable consequences according to regulations.   If you share or see any answer to the exam questions belong to others, your exam result will be zero and disciplinary investigation will be initiated!  You can enter to the make-up exam only if you have health problem on the exam day and officially reported (medical report) to the Secretary (burcu.ebeler@yeditepe.edu.tr) of Physics Department, in three days after the exam!

Good Luck!

PHYS 101 Coadsysexam sınav şubeleri ve Google Meet linkleri                      

Ertuğrul Demir           :   coadsysexam  course name : PHYS101exam-1-2-3-4 

section 1-3   https://meet.google.com/cgu-hcfw-mot

 section 2-4   https://meet.google.com/fwa-prwy-uux  

F Melda Patan Alper  :  coadsysexam course name: PHYS101exam-5-6-7-8           

section 5-7 https://meet.google.com/ryd-ddig-hvy 

section 6-8 https://meet.google.com/eke-qefr-kts      

PHYS 102 Coadsysexam sınav şubeleri ve Google Meet linkleri    

Vildan Ü Ünal   : coadsysexam course name:        PHYS102exam 1-3                       

section 1-3 https://meet.google.com/big-dpza-hsk  

Ertan Akşahin   : coadsysexam course name:        PHYS102exam-5-6-7-8

section 5-7  https://meet.google.com/roz-pbxs-fex 

section 6-8  https://meet.google.com/xgh-sdex-sdo   

Hilmi Ünlü         : coadsysexam course name:        PHYS102exam-2-4-17-18 

section 2-4      https://meet.google.com/oxb-knud-ceb

section 17-18 https://meet.google.com/zfo-gzwa-hsb

Ercüment Akat  : coadsysexam course name:        PHYS102exam-9-10-11-12 

section 9-11 https://meet.google.com/vcw-igex-mrw 

section 10-12 https://meet.google.com/nad-vsrt-uks 

Serhat Iştın       : coadsysexam course name:        PHYS102exam-13-14-15-16-19 

section 13-15 https://meet.google.com/cgu-hcfw-mot  

section 14-16 https://meet.google.com/pyh-jdur-btn 

section 19 https://meet.google.com/iiw-swvr-grx