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Department of English Language and Literature aims to give students the power of establishing a connection between disciplines and cultures, and the abilities of looking into people, phenomenon and incidents with an unbiassed perception through variety, and giving a chance to know the value as well as use of their self-chosen objectives within their academic lives. Within the frame of bachelor program we present to our students a variety of types and periods of English Literature are examined; courses on textual analysis and criticism, comparative literature and American Literature are offered to students as well. We also offer our students an option of Comparative Literature that aims to give a general perspective on issues in contemporary, cultural studies and literature through a series of compulsory and elective courses.

Our students have the chance to do a double major or a minor with a range of departments in the University. There is also a chance to take education in European universities with the Erasmus project.

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İngiliz Dili ve Edebiyatı Bölümü

Our graduates may work in all levels of fields of education as teachers or as translators, written and visual publishing, advertising, journalism, criticism, text authorship, cinema, public relations, international relations and human resources in governmental, trust institiutions and private sectors.

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Yeditepe University Introduction Days will be held from July 10th to July 28th 2017 (including the weekend) between 09.00 and 17.30 at the 26 Ağustos Campus Social Facilities Building -1 Floor.

Candidates who will visit our campus during the Introductory Days will have the chance to meet with Yeditepe University academicians and students to get information about academic education, scholarships, campus facilities, laboratory infrastructure, Erasmus - Exchange agreements, and student clubs.

University Candidates will be able to create their own preference lists by examining the Quota, Success Ranking, Scores, Number of Academicians and Course Programs of Foundation and State Universities covering the last 3 years by using the Plan Your Futurepreference platform developed by Yeditepe University.

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