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In today's world of multidisciplinary work, collaboration and globalization, university graduates are expected to be able to adapt to their business environment and be flexible, along with their technical expertise. Due to the growing cooperation between universities, state laboratories and industrial institutions, university graduates need to be able to work in the fields emerging from high technology and increasing scientific orientation. Physics department aims to educate graduates with the ability and knowledge that can respond to a large segment of the fields of the developing Turkish industry.

The Physics bachelor program is an innovative undergraduate program designed to provide graduates the ability that let them find work as physicists in industrial production and state laboratories. This program has an interdisciplinary feature that combines metrology and calibrations, accreditation of measurement laboratories and key areas such as ISO standards, material science, computerized calculations, health physics, energy and chemistry.

Metrology and Calibration Laboratory (YUKAL) in our department has been accredited by TURKAK as per TS EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2010 standard. In addition to providing our students advanced metrology and calibration experience, this laboratory also provides temperature and size measurements to the Turkish industry.

Students who have chosen physics department can also continue to double major and minor programs established with some engineering departments (Civil Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Genetics and Bioengineering), Mathematics, and Information Systems and Technology department. Successful students who wish to pursue their education at higher academic level can also participate in the Masters program and Ph.D. In addition, student exchange programs let students to have the opportunity to study at the Gröningen University in the Netherlands, Umea University in Sweden and Stutgart University in Germany.