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It is aimed that the graduates of the program to speak Russian at an advanced level and to learn Russian literature and culture well. After one year of preparatory education, students gain the ability to conduct research and analysis at national and international level during the four-year undergraduate education; It is aimed to enrich their knowledge and equipment in many different disciplines and intercultural fields. In the last semester, students will be able to prepare a thesis with their advisors on the subjects they have previously determined and will be able to apply the language and field knowledge they have learned academically. Our newly established department has started to work on exchange and cooperation agreements with high ranked universities of Russia. Thus, our students will have the chance to complete one semester of their undergraduate studies in Russia.
Employment Opportunities for Graduates:
Graduates of this program can do academic studies in the field of philology, as well as other educational institutions, tourism sector, law offices, foreign trade firms, government agencies, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and embassies, press and broadcasting institutions, construction sector, transportation, logistics, gas sector, health sector. 

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