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As Yeditepe University Department of Turkish Language and Literature, we believe that literature is aimed at shaping, enriching and beautifying it as well as trying to understand human life.  "Language" and "Literature" are the two main activity areas of our department. Language lessons, while examining Turkish with its historical background, evaluates and reinterprets Turkish under the light of contemporary linguistics methods. Literature courses are the result of a similar understanding of integrity. Both in line with the traditional approach; The main areas of "Classical Turkish Literature", "Modern Turkish Literature" and "Folk Literature" are each treated separately, and it is emphasized that literature is a continuous process from the past to the present.

In our Department's undergraduate program, we consider it our duty to provide our students new theories and disciplines which will enable them to view literature with a contemporary perspective. Thus, we present literature both in its national and universal character with the intention to open new horizons and create new syntheses. The courses in our curriculum are split into three categories as 'compulsory courses', 'field electives' and 'free electives'. We also attach great importance to interconnections with other departments. With that in mind, we encourage our students to take courses from other programs as well as students from other departments to take courses from our program.

We have a Double Major agreement with the following departments: Psychology, Guidance and Psychological Counseling, Translation Studies, English Language and Literature, Journalism, History, Radio Television Cinema, Public Relations and Publicity. Also, we offer a minor program with an emphasis on contemporary literature that is open to all departments. The students of the Turkish Language and Literature program may also choose to take Pedagogical Formation courses during their four years of education to be eligible as teachers.

Our students have been visiting the University of Duisburg-Essen in Germany since 2006 under the Erasmus Program. Our teaching staff has visited the University of Marburg-Phillips since 2008. Similarly, we have been conducting an exchange program with the University of Athens in Greece, and the University of Venice Ca'Foscari since 2009-2010 and 2011-2012, respectively.

We offer two graduate programs, one at the MA level, the Comparative Literature Program, and one at the PhD level, the Modern Turkish Literature.