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As the Faculty of Arts and Sciences, our aim is to be a faculty well recognized and preferred in Turkey and in the world with a strong focus on research, using all the resources of knowledge and technology in the fields we offer education, following the developments in the world, and aiming at continuous improvement. 

Our faculty provides education in a wide range of fields including Science, Social Sciences, Literature and Language. Likewise, we offer our students far reaching opportunities to enable them to "interact" with the world and the environment through the broadness of our international connections and elective course options. We ensure that our graduates start their professional lives as young adults who can surpass their peers from other institutions as a result of the life experiences gained at university, rather than being brought up in a narrow environment/department atmosphere and having restricted relations with the world.

The Faculty of Arts and Sciences, whose first priority is to constantly improve the quality of education, also attaches importance to program accreditations as a necessity of internationalization. After the departments of Philosophy and Physics were accredited by FEDEK for the second time until 2022, the departments of Anthropology, Translation and Interpreting Studies, Sociology, History, English Language and Literature, Mathematics, Psychology, Turkish Language and Literature received 5-year FEDEK accreditation.